Biologics Product Characterisation,
done differently.

Say goodbye to traditional scientific methods and hello to our intelligent characterisation and multi-attribute monitoring service.

Process seamlessly

Say goodbye to traditional scientific methods and hello to our seamless and intelligent characterisation multi-attribute monitoring service.

Monitor effectively

Review attributes based on exceptions. Limit manual activities with scientific automation.

Characterise confidently

Increase throughput without compromising efficacy. Routinely, continuously and lightning-fast.

Characterise today,
monitor tomorrow.

What is MD+ Targeted?

MD+ Targeted is an intelligent and targeted service made to accelerate the speed in which drug products are characterised, developed and monitored - without compromising safety and efficacy.
This is made possible through simple yet in-depth analysis and review tools, intuitive design and automated data processing.

Giving time back to your rare and talented scientists through this high throughput approach will empower them to focus on delivering impactful medical preventions and treatments to patients in need.

Unlock business innovation

Wave goodbye to conventional monitoring methods and traditional software. Say hello to a world of innovation, automation and collaboration.

Collaborate globally

• Portable and accessible data
• Analyse results interactively
• Seamless storage and sharing
• Unlimited users + flexible pricing

Leverage leading science

Our academic-inspired 3D feature detection is one of many ideas that solves common challenges such as missing values and false positives

Automate and standardise

• Manual and repetitive tasks
• Quality and system checks
• Attribute reviewing rules
• Reporting of monitoring results
Built upon automated scientific algorithms and clever design, MD+ Targeted guides scientists along a standardised and repeatable process that accelerates throughput.

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