Protein Characterisation,
done differently.

Accelerate the speed in which protein therapeutics are comprehensively characterised, developed and monitored - without compromise.

Characterise confidently

Increase throughput of protein characterisation without compromise. Routinely, continuously and lightning-fast.

Monitor effectively

Review attributes based on exceptions. Limit manual activities with scientific automation.

Collaborate globally

Review and share insights, and collaborate with unlimited stakeholders - interactively and seamlessly.

Characterise today,
monitor tomorrow.

Unlock business innovation

We accelerate proteomics data processing and evaluation, so you can review with a higher degree of confidence and minimise time to collate and share knowledge.

Process seamlessly

Say goodbye to traditional scientific methods and hello to our seamless and intelligent characterisation multi-attribute monitoring service.

Leverage leading science

Our academic-inspired 3D feature detection is one of many ideas that solves common challenges such as missing values and false positives

Automate and standardise

• Manual and repetitive tasks
• Quality and system checks
• Attribute reviewing rules
• Reporting of monitoring results
Built upon automated scientific algorithms and clever design, MD+ Targeted guides scientists along a standardised and repeatable process that accelerates throughput.

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