Nov-21 #massgeek PlayBook

Welcome to the November 2021 edition of the #MassGeek PlayBook. While we've been busy building new features and services we have also been keeping abreast of all things in the world of mass spectrometry. With collaboration at our core, we have pulled it all together to share with the community. We're open to feedback via reply email or taking this short survey.

Things to GROW

The Power List - Top 100

Congratulations to the Top 100 world's most influential analytical scientists who have been acknowledged in this year's Power List. We're particularly celebrating the recognition of 39 female analytical scientists versus just 8 back in 2013. Check out the list and read their answers to their biggest breakthrough, heroes, mentors, predictions and more.

An open source package for #massgeek tool builders

If you're a proteomics #massgeek who loves to code this one's for you.

We’ve just released another open source #rstats package: MassExpression which supports wide format protein intensity inputs and will help you quickly run an end-to-end protein level differential expression workflow with LIMMA, and provide diagnostic QC reports.  Find it in our GitHub repository

No time to code? No problem! the above package is seamlessly integrated as a generic format input in our free Discovery service to help transform your mass spectrometry data to knowledge.

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Things to KNOW

Upcoming events


  • HUPO; 15-19 Nov (Virtual)
  • ANZSMS; 21-25 Nov (Virtual)


Things to SHOW

Is your lab delivering product characterisation services to collaborators?

Our new Peptide Mapping service (for PSM screening, amino acid sequencing or PTMs identification and monitoring) enables you to accelerate the speed in which protein therapeutics are comprehensively characterised and developed.  The service allows:

  • Screening and quantifying protein digests
  • Mapping the primary structure of a protein
  • Post-translational modification (PTM) characterisation

All members can now process a Peptide Mapping experiment using the demo data from this published study (based on a NIST monoclonal antibody reference material). More exciting demo data coming soon too so keep an eye out!

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Investigating disease resistance. Enrichment Analysis at it's best.

In 2016, a group of oncology-focused scientists embarked on a journey to understand an important clinical question: “Why is resistance observed in some targeted breast cancer treatments?”

Their work focused on understanding more about a gene that scientists believe plays a role in the development of breast cancer - Human Epidermal growth factor Receptor 2 (HER2) - targeted therapies.

Since being published in Oncotarget, the HER2 study has been cited by 13 other bodies of work and holds a special place within the Mass Dynamics ecosystem due to the potential impact that its outcomes can bring in individuals’ daily lives.

In practical terms, we've used the HER2 study and its associated data to benchmark our work, drive our demo experiment and apply important biological context to our Enrichment Analysis Application Note.

If you'd like to geek out on the HER2 study, we encourage you to get your free Mass Dynamics membership and process the HER2 dataset.

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Beyond the genome, why proteomics is the final frontier of medical research

Mass Dynamics co-founder Associate Professor Andrew Webb, Ph.D recently won the prestigious Churchill Club Top Tech Trends debate,  a replica of the Top Tech Trends event that has been successfully run by the Churchill Club in Silicon Valley for 20 consecutive years.

Andrew was assigned 3 minutes to explain why proteomics is the final frontier and how it will transform our understanding of disease and drive personalised healthcare. Head here and jump to @1:16:19 to watch Andrew's presentation and see if you agree with the position on his winning topic.

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