Jun-22 #massgeek Playbook Special ASMS 2022 Edition

Special ASMS 2022 Edition

It feels so much longer but it's only been a few days since over 5,000 delegates descended onto Minneapolis, Minnesota for the 70th Annual ASMS Conference.

Networking, presentations, demos and reconnections were in full swing for each of the 5 days as delegates passionately shared what they've been working on. We were so inspired by our experience we felt we had to share what we learnt with our #massgeek community. Enjoy!

Things to Grow

How we've achieved speed, reliability and confidence without compromise.

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Anna Quaglieri, Ph.D (Mass Dynamics Data Scientist) shared with hundreds of delegates how we ensure we have continuous confidence when developing our proteomics software.  

See Anna's abstract here on how we do it.

How we are tackling the Protein Inference challenge.

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Mass Dynamics Data Scientist Joseph Bloom was run off his feet with questions and vibrant discussions on his poster.

Download it here or dive into the code here.

What we heard and loved at ASMS

1. The importance of diversity, equality and inclusion. Bravo Females in Mass Spectrometry (FeMS) who advocate for women in mass spectrometry. Over 250 men and women filled the room to hear from scientific leaders who happen to be women.

2. Collaborators of mass spectrometry facilities want more robust and stable workflows for large-scale analyses (sample prep and data analysis) to leverage MS output better.

3. The need for higher-throughput and robust mass spectrometry approaches with improved integration with other 'omics' and modalities.

Things to Show

Check out and contribute to our Collaboration Checklist


Missed out on getting your copy of our Collaboration Checklist? Not to worry. You can contribute or download a copy to share with your lab and Collaborators.

PS. Catch Prof. Vera Ignjatovic, Prof. John Yates III and Dr Jennifer Geddes-McAlister on 26th June, '22 to hear more about choosing and managing collaborations. You can sign up here if you haven't already.

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New violin plots are music to our ears

Our visualisations have just gotten better with new violin and dot plots to allow easier determination of protein abundance changes across conditions, all conveniently shareable at the click of a button. Try it now.

PS. Thanks to the great feedback from ASMS, we're fast-tracking new features and on the hunt for passionate Mass Dynamics members to help with beta-testing. Reach out via reply email if you'd like to be part of it!

Things to Know

Upcoming dates and events

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