Mass Dynamics 1.0 paper on BioRxiv

We are proud to showcase Mass Dynamics' first paper that has been submitted to pre-print server, BioRxiv. You can read the full paper here (

A summary of the MD 1.0 paper

Over the past 20 years, Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Bioinformatics have driven rapid increases in both the sensitivity and quantity of detection of proteins. The invention of not only high throughput, but low cost protocols is rapidly creating possibilities for biologists and specialists in Proteomic MS. However, this is placing a burden on proteomics experts to facilitate and educate the broader community attempting to leverage these tools. 

Mass Dynamics (MD) 1.0, is the first iteration of a platform designed not only to scale with the computational demands of 21st century MS, but to facilitate and safeguard the interactions between collaborators making use of these tools from a wide range of backgrounds. 

While many other challenges and opportunities are critical for the long term success of MS in enabling us to understand biology and cure disease, we believe that engineering MS tools for accessibility and true scalability is likewise an important task.

MD 1.0 provides a novel combination of features, aimed at ensuring experimental validity whilst magnifying ease-of-use and throughput and until now, as far as we know, cloud storage of experiments and simple link-type sharing of experimental analysis has not yet been developed among tools facilitating proteomic analysis. 

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We hope you enjoy the paper, and welcome all feedback. Happy discovering!

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