Apr-21 #massgeek PlayBook

It’s been a busy few months at Mass Dynamics' HQ as we on boarded members onto the service as part of our pre-Launch.

We've loved hearing how members are enjoying the processing, analyzing and sharing of their Mass Spec experiments and their wishes for new features. We've listened, and are excited to share them with you in this #MassGeek Playbook.  

PS. The initial 100 free Memberships to Mass Dynamics were all allocated and we have released a further 50 - Get one here

Things to GROW

'Bleeding edge research':  The importance of -omics approaches and how the Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) method plays its part

Mass Dynamics Co-Founder Assoc. Prof. Dr Andrew Webb wears many hats that all require him to remain at the forefront of Mass Spec (MS) and Proteomics technology. Amongst the plethora of papers he's read, Andrew regards this recent  'characterization of human glioblastoma' paper by Liang-Bo Wang et al"the bleeding edge and what the future of research looks like".

Great news for the #massgeek community: it concludes the phospho dataset to be the most impactful and it was the TMT approach that supported this insight.  Even more good news? Mass Dynamics has built out support for the processing of MaxQuant TMT text output files.

Analyse your TMT Data on Mass Dynamics now!

Do you really hate your papers?

We found this twitter post entertaining and so did 12.4K other researchers! And that's why we've started processing and hosting public papers on Mass Dynamics - to help distribute your hard work as far and wide as possible. So, even if you do still hate your paper, send us a request to upload your paper and enjoy seeing your paper in a whole new light.

Things to KNOW

IRL Events and Conferences making a comeback

Things to SHOW

See the latest TMT Labelling experiment in action

Our growing list of public papers we've reprocessed on Mass Dynamics allows members to explore the service using a variety of different data sets. The latest experiment featuring TMT Labelling data has now been uploaded - check it out here!

Member request: To export and share QC Reports

Status: Delivered! 📦

We were thrilled to see members respond to our eagerness for feedback. A member from the University of Adelaide enquired about applying the Export and Share Feature to the automated Quality Control (QC) Report. While it was in our development pipeline, the specific request fast-tracked the process and was breathing air within weeks.

The QC report is one of our most popular MD features. If you haven't seen it yet, catch MD co-founder and Proteomics Informatics Lead, Giuseppe Infusini showcase it (in just 4 minutes!) in the next episode of #MassGeek Mastery

Omni-Work Locale

As Melbourne cautiously re-emerges from the crux of the COVID-19 crisis, Team MD have made themselves at home at Hub Australia Southern Cross, with the company remaining committed to a post-covid flexi-work culture. We acknowledge that many of the science community remain in lockdown and many lives remain severely impacted. Our thoughts are with you and we hope everyone can return 'to the bench' as soon as possible.

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