Bringing you closer to the moment of discovery

Discover biological biomarkers, create insights into disease mechanisms, discover new drugs or identify changes in protein levels from a set of carefully designed experiments.

Get closer to the moment of discovery

Do you have a free trial period?

We do! After booking a demo, you can receive unlimited access to Mass Dynamics for 14 days and go nuts with processing experiments! After the trial, you will continue to have access to the research assistant so you can continue with your analysis.

Get started quickly and experiment continuously

We’ve made it easy to start unlocking the power of MS and Proteomics so you can focus on the biological complexity and move closer to the moment of discovery. Our automated and repeatable workflow allows for quicker experiment startup and turnaround times, giving you the control and flexibility to make and act on decisions in the moment.

A one-stop Proteomics workflow - raw files to insight assistance

Allowing you to focus on biological insights and human-to-human collaboration, our proteomics data processing workflow is built to scale, repeatedly. We’ve pushed heavy and repetitive processing to the cloud, enabling a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Big is beautiful

Our intelligent Proteomics workflow seamlessly integrates complex moving parts to enable larger experiments to be processed and analysed with ease. Let us remove big data and other technical constraints, so you can focus on discovering and sharing insights.

Addressing the ‘missing value’ challenge

To give you the best chance of extracting optimum insights from your experiment, our workflow performs machine-learning smarts and an unbiased extraction of MS1 data for every detected feature in your MS files. This helps reduce missing values, maximises data completeness and provides a measure of feature confidence.

Be a #massgeek - anytime, anywhere

Want to do a quick piece of analysis while you’re commuting to the lab? Make the most of what would typically be idle time. Thanks to the cloud, you can process, analyse and showcase your data or insights in the comfort of your home, a local library or a buzzy cafe.

Take control of quality

Beautiful graphics representing key information that you care about including the overall health of your experiment, the quality of your feature and the completeness of your data.

Don’t go empty-handed to your next lab catchup

Drawing upon existing knowledge in context of your experiment, we assist you with uncovering, communicating and sharing insights. Using our analysis assistant, you can build up your evidence over time across many experiments to support the communication of your biological story.

Join our community Slack channel

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