Landing here means that you’ve spoken to our team and have successfully secured a seat on our 2-Month Alpha Trial.

Prior to participating, we need you to take note of the information below. On completion of the form, we will get you started by sending you an invitation to Slack (our communications tool of choice) and answer any questions that you may have.

The basics:

  • The Aim. To support MD with testing the quality of the workflow’s results and to provide feedback.

  • Your first experiment. To get you started with MD successfully, we recommend your maiden experiment:

    • Is limited to 24 runs

    • Has been created using ThermoFisher mass spectrometers

    • Has been analysed previously (to ensure a more efficient and easier comparison)

    • Uses DDA label-free quantitative methods

  • Cost. For early adopting institutes, the trial is free of charge for two individuals. We will be in contact via Slack to receive these details from you.

  • Start and Finish. For the purposes of the Alpha Trial, the MD workflow starts with the researcher uploading their raw files or converted MZML files to MD. The output is: .tsv results files and a QC report. We will stay in touch with you along the processing journey via Slack.

  • Results. Are owned by the submitter of the experiment (researcher). If the workflow’s results wish to be used for any other purposes outside of the Alpha Trial, please get in contact with MD so the results can be validated.

  • Data Privacy. Data and files submitted to MD should be anonymised and any patient data, unidentifiable.

  • Data Storage. Ingested data and output files will only be stored for duration of the Trial. It will then be deleted and not accessible by MD or the submitter of the experiment (researcher). Files can be downloaded and saved locally at any given during the Trial.

  • Workflow Processing Duration. While your results should be available to you in a few days, the Trial may uncover unexpected issues which may cause delays. We’ll keep you up to date on Slack.


Trial etiquette:

  • Communications. Slack will be used to communicate with the MD team. After registering below, you will receive an invitation to the Mass Dynamics Community workspace. We can then help you started with Slack.

  • Limit experiments to up to 24 runs. If this is not suffice, please get in touch. Limit experiments to those using ThermoFisher mass spectrometers (further vendor files will be made available in the future).

  • Be patient. We will endeavour to answer your questions as quickly as possible through Slack.

  • Maintain a positive outlook. MD in its early stages of development and the Alpha Trial is not feature-complete. We want to ensure that we are building the right thing by engaging users early. The feedback collected will help to prioritise future features.

  • Provide timely feedback. And let us know in advance if there will be difficulty doing so.

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