Our Values

Mass Dynamics believes a small team can change the world.

Together, we energetically examined and explored potential core values to finally agree and align on a set of curated core values that we live and breathe by on a daily basis.

Find simplicity in complexity

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in this sometimes complexed world so if we come across a particularly challenging problem, the first question we always ask ourselves is "what is in our control to do something about it" , "what matters most" and "what is most aligned to our values". It's amazing how quickly the solutions appear when we refocus on these questions.

Laugh hard, Work hard

Team MD is a small close knit team who enjoy having a good laugh while we work hard. You’ll regularly see us celebrating the small occasions as well as the big! One of our favourite (and most read) Slack Channels is the #Random channel that is a constant source of light-hearted often hilarious things we each stumble upon during the course of our normal everyday.

Strengthen and empower communities

We are so fortunate to be part of a big and supportive life science community and want to constantly ensure we are doing our part to helping, elevating and adding value to their everyday lives. MD coined the term #massgeek to encourage our mass spectrometry community to lean into their contribution to science and religiously every month, showcase a #massgeek scientist from some of the best institutions around the world

Be a force for good

Not only do we aim to raise and support our immediate community, but also the greater world around us. You’ll find most of our Awards and Prizes are somehow linked to donations to a charity or an act of giving

Learn and stay curious

We are ferocious continuous learners here at MD and have a slack channel dedicated to Science, Knowledge, Papers and Ideas and are regular participants at conferences geared to upskill our knowledge base. We believe in increasing our knowledge and sharing it to pay it forward.

Maintain integrity, stay humble

Our team is filled with seriously ambitious, even award-winning subject matter experts but we all come together on a daily basis to support, encourage and respect each other. We’re seriously egalitarian and you’ll have to get used to the Co-Founders regularly asking the team their opinions and empowering them to form their own solutions to challenges.

About Mass Dynamics

Mass Spectrometry (MS) is the best scientific tool we have today and most discoveries have involved their use in some form. In the last 100+ years, MS has enabled the discovery of new molecules, signalling pathways and mechanisms of disease. It’s helped us understand how drugs, therapeutic agents and protein structures behave and even helped solve crimes. Ultimately, MS can help answer incredibly complex questions of nature.
MS ought to be accessible by more life scientists. What’s great is that MS instruments receive a lot of attention and in turn hardware innovation occurs at a rapid rate. What’s not so great is that the software to leverage their magic is left behind. Until now.
Mass Dynamics has built Discovery and Targeted MS data analysis services to help the bioPharma and Academic sector efficiently and effectively process, quality-check, analyse and interpret their MS experimental data. Typically taking days, weeks or months, Mass Dynamics can produce results within minutes or hours. With this lightning speed, we are supporting our customers in the acceleration of medical discoveries and drug development, without compromising efficacy or safety.
We help our bioPharma and academic users and the broader Mass Spectrometry community navigate the world around them by making good business, research-based and science experiment decisions. These decisions shouldn’t be dependent on ad-hoc and time-consuming analysis, instead we want to shift mindsets to make it possible for scientists to have and communicate continuous conversations around their data, at any time and from anywhere.

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