About us.

Mass Dynamics (MD) has been helping global life scientists transform mass spectrometry data to knowledge since 2019.

How? By integrating modern practices in business, software engineering, computational biology, machine intelligence, biostatics, product design and analytical chemistry.

Prior to founding MD, co-founders Andrew and Giuseppe have spent their careers in global and leading labs delivering large-scale and collaborative proteomics-based studies while also experiencing the challenges that MD now exists to solve. In parallel, co-founders Paula and Aaron have been building products and multidisciplinary software teams within the enterprise, startup and government sectors.

Why we're solving the challenges? Being the final frontier of medical research, mass spectrometry-based proteomics plays a critical part in helping humans discover and develop life-saving preventions, treatments and diagnoses.

By working together, we can accelerate this work. If life scientists can focus on asking questions of nature and producing data, MD can help transform it to answers and knowledge - better, faster and easier. And without compromise.

Our mission.

To enable millions of life scientists to transform mass spectrometry data to knowledge so they can focus on enriching lives and freeing humanity and society from the burden of disease.

Our values.

  • Find simplicity in complexity
  • Laugh hard, work hard
  • Strengthen and empower communities
  • Be a force for good
  • Learn and stay curious
  • Maintain integrity, stay humble
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Meet the team.

We are made up of leading scientists and product people aiming to help our customers and the broader Mass Spectrometry community navigate the world around them by making good business, research-based and science experiment decisions.
Meet the Team

About Mass Dynamics

Mass Spectrometry (MS) is the best scientific tool we have today and most discoveries have involved their use in some form. In the last 100+ years, MS has enabled the discovery of new molecules, signalling pathways and mechanisms of disease. It’s helped us understand how drugs, therapeutic agents and protein structures behave and even helped solve crimes. Ultimately, MS can help answer incredibly complex questions of nature.
MS ought to be accessible by more life scientists. What’s great is that MS instruments receive a lot of attention and in turn hardware innovation occurs at a rapid rate. What’s not so great is that the software to leverage their magic is left behind. Until now.
Mass Dynamics has built Discovery and Targeted MS data analysis services to help the bioPharma and Academic sector efficiently and effectively process, quality-check, analyse and interpret their MS experimental data. Typically taking days, weeks or months, Mass Dynamics can produce results within minutes or hours. With this lightning speed, we are supporting our customers in the acceleration of medical discoveries and drug development, without compromising efficacy or safety.
We help our bioPharma and academic users and the broader Mass Spectrometry community navigate the world around them by making good business, research-based and science experiment decisions. These decisions shouldn’t be dependent on ad-hoc and time-consuming analysis, instead we want to shift mindsets to make it possible for scientists to have and communicate continuous conversations around their data, at any time and from anywhere.

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