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Mass Dynamics enables life scientists to transform mass spectrometry data to knowledge - better, faster, easier and without compromise.
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We strive to provide simplicity in the seemingly complex, to helps take your team and collaborators on the journey with you.
4 Step Process: Process data, Assess Quality, Create Knowledge, Take Action
We all know how complex scientific research and development can be.

Add the challenges leveraging powerful discovery, characterization and monitoring methods using mass spectrometry-based proteomics, and it escalates to a seemingly endless puzzle to solve.

While we all love solving puzzles, not everything about them has to be complex.

As a modern software-as-a-service, our approach offers seamless scientific data processing, automated quality control, intelligent knowledge generation and secure collaboration to accelerate your organisations’ discoveries, life-saving preventions and treatments.

How we deliver across the drug development process


We eliminate manual and repetitive tasks to clear process bottlenecks. We orchestrate, integrate and scale using modern cloud practices.


We benchmark and apply rigorous statistical methods. We publish and open source our code, ensuring high quality results


We've built in accessibility, shareability and a modern experience to support better communication of generated knowledge


We are open and transparent about our security infrastructure practices. Read about how we keep your data secure

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Mass Spectrometry data to knowledge - 10x faster without compromise

Everything you need for Discovery Proteomics and Protein Characterisation applications.

Get closer to the moment of discovery.


Discover biological biomarkers, create insights into disease mechanisms, discover new drugs targets or identify changes in protein levels from a set of carefully designed experiments.
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Product Characterization,
done differently.

Peptide Mapping

Screen and quantify protein digests, mapping primary structure of a protein and post translational modifications (PTMs).


A lightning-fast and standardised approach to routinely monitor, detect and evaluate quality attributes.
Characterise confidently

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We deliver what the mass spectrometry community needs to drive their discoveries and development. To do this, we encourage community #massgeek collaboration. Help us continuously improve and grow through feedback and suggestions.
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“This is the service I have been waiting years for!”

Nishma Gupta, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Bio21
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“Mass Dynamics has enabled us to lift our innovation to the next level.”

Lucy Cao, CSL Limited
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“I absolutely love the process. Especially the web-based data processing, and the ability to view the results.

Kathir Alagesan, Research Fellow, Griffiths Institute

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